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You may have seen a bit about 5G Home Wireless Broadband in the press recently and in case you are wondering how it is different from other types of internet connections here is everything you need to know.


What is 5G Home Wireless Broadband? 


Home wireless broadband is a type of technology that allows you to get connected to the internet remotely. Home Wireless broadband can connect you to a 4G or 5G mobile phone network or satellite connection. The main idea of having this type of connection is to have an alternative internet connection where fixed-line fibre isn’t available. If you are looking for a reliable NBN alternative, home wireless broadband is the ideal option.   


What are the benefits of 4G or 5G home wireless broadband?  


Often people renting or on the move, opt for this type of connection. It also suits those who are merely looking for an excellent NBN alternative. There is also no need for expert nbn assistance on set-up, and you can take it wherever you have power and signal.  When relocating, simply give us a call to check whether you will have coverage at your new address. We believe that setting up a connection to your new home should be as seamless as possible.


Home Wireless is a super-easy, plug and play solution to getting connected wherever you are. Home wireless modems have antenna ports to make sure you get the best signal at your place. If you decide to have a direct connection, the modems are also equipped with ethernet ports. 


What else should you know about home wireless broadband? 


Since wireless home internet relies heavily on a robust mobile signal, you need to chat to your internet service provider about what to expect with coverage.  


Is a home wireless plan right for me? 


If you are looking for an NBN alternative, needing an adaptable, more convenient plug and play connection, then home wireless broadband is perfect for you. 


The best home internet plan to choose would depend on your top internet activities and network range. Consider your daily internet activities; do you need a high speed 5G plan? Do you use most of your data on videos, movies, gaming, social media, or video chatting? Definitely, things to address with your chosen internet service provider.


Getting connected today online is very easy! Simply check your address availability and choose among our available Home Wireless Broadband plans that suit your needs!