The ideal home office set-up


Now that the holiday season is over, most of us are gearing up to kick start an efficient 2021 at work! Some companies have decided to maintain the work from home set up of their employees, so we came up with a list of things to consider for you to have maximum efficiency – a ready home office.



  1. An ergonomic chair

Working from home has its benefits, but we want to ensure we are still keeping our postural health in check. Make sure to give your back some love! An ergonomic chair that is designed for maximum lumbar support is a great asset to your office. 


  1. Good lighting
    Most people take good lighting for granted but when taken seriously, having good lighting has its benefits. Ideally, the light should be overhead, usually from a ceiling lamp. Exposure to natural light also has its positive effects on our well-being, so make sure to open those blinds and let the natural light come in! Also, make sure that your monitor brightness is not “too dim” or “too bright”.

  2. Arrange your cables
    With all the cables being connected to each other, it is very easy to just ignore and disregard the unsightly view. However, facing your cables and organizing them can greatly improve the appearance and functionality of your home office. Set a time to unplug and detangle cords.

  3. A big, external monitor
    Consider having a large extra monitor that can help you get rid of what seems like a million tabs opened on your laptop.

  4. Invest in noise-canceling headphones
    Investing in noise-canceling headphones will improve your video and audio calls. A set that comes with a microphone with a noise-canceling feature is the ideal choice, this will help you have more privacy and more focus.

  5. Plants
    Having plants around you is therapeutic. Being close to nature has been proven to have a positive effect on your well-being. Aside from that, plants add color and vibrance to your office space and can increase your mood and productivity.

  6. Reliable internet service

Of course, a reliable and fast internet connection is most important. So, make sure that you are subscribed to a great internet plan to make the most of your work-from-home experience.


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