19 July 2021

What is a speed test?


Speed tests can determine how quickly your internet connection delivers data to your device. ...

15 July 2021

Uniti in the world of internet

As the world evolves, so do we, and the company you knew as Uniti Wireless has now relaunched as...

12 May 2021


You may have seen a bit about 5G Home Wireless Broadband in the press recently and in case you are...

1 February 2021

The ideal home office set-up

Now that the holiday season is over, most of us are gearing up to kick start an efficient 2021 at...

22 January 2021

What you can do with a high-speed internet connection

15 January 2021

What is VPN? Learn about it here!


8 December 2020

Is Upload speed important? How much do I need?

8 December 2020

How Much Speed Do I Need? Internet Speeds Explained!

19 November 2020

Your Uniti bill explained